Commanding Your Ship of Life

A habit is no longer a habit once you gain conscious awareness of it. Habits are nothing more than repetitive unconscious,once conscious, thoughts. You may unconsciously grab a cigarette, but as soon as you flick that BiC to light the cigarette, you might say “Holy Sh#%, what am I doing.” You snap out of the unconscious state when you are doing things that the conscious mind (the Captain) considers undesirable and headed for an iceberg/disaster. The conscious mind (the Captain) sees that the ship (Your Life) is headed for an iceberg/ disaster and calls the subconscious (the crew) to Attention.

The unconscious mind could be likened to the ships crewmen; every now and then the Captain makes his/ her rounds through the ship to make sure all is well and that the crewmen are not Bullsh#%ing. Once that unconscious automatic thought pattern is repeated consciously; then it is considered a choice. While the captain is making his or her rounds and decides/ chooses not to reprimand the crewmen for the Effect, the crewmen believes all is well and will continue with whatever the hell was going on in the first place.

You may be wondering where the though pattern/ habit comes from in the first place. They were day-to-day activities, ship operations directly from Capt. YOU. Please don’t blame your crewmen/ subconscious for undesirable situations and circumstances and please don’t blame yourself Captain, it is a Hell-of-A big ship and there is no way for you to be aware of it all.  The unconscious/ crewman mind operates at 40 million bits of data per second, whereas the conscious mind/ Captain is aware of only 40 bits per second. Being a Captain is an important job and there is no time to be sunbathing when your ship (Life) is heading for an iceberg/ disaster. There will be time for the Pleasures Life has to offer, you first must overcome your obstacle. Stay focus on the important stuff and disregard the the unimportant ones. Remember, you are in command and control and constantly doing your rounds throughout the ship. You have the power to transform your ship entirely and dodge whatever comes your way, be it icebergs, missiles or etc.

Captain YOU, take back control of your ship, command your crewmen. Do your daily rounds to make sure your crewmen are not slacking off. They may appear to be disobedient at first, they will eventually get the hang of the new day-to-day operations of the ship.

Please allow this message to resonate within you instead of disliking it  just because of the poor grammar usage and sentences.

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